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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A feeling of Deja vu

As I sit here in the eve (or rather close to the eve of) the Mercedes Half Marathon in Birmingham, Alabama, a familiar scenario seems to be shaping up. What started out as a kind of cold race (35 degrees, but clear) has crept into the realm of a really cold race (27ish) and subsequent to this a cold wet race (supposed to rain now). The odd thing is, it really doesn't bother me too much now. My hotel is about a block from the start, I know how to dress for this kind of thing after Disney, and frankly, it seems like some form of frozen precipitation has been present for ever run I've undertaken recently. My bigger issue for this race is the fact that my running ipod has magically disappeared. I'll layer up, go run my race, collect my schwag, and enjoy a frigid Valentine's Day weekend with my wife (the weather giving me the cold shoulder, not Mrs. Running Doc). Mu.

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