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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pre-race peanut butter sandwiches

As I mentioned before, I usually don't like to try something new for the first time on race day, but in addition to my use of the Sugoi Ready T, I also decided to try a new pre-race food. For years, I have eaten power bars pre-race, and for years I have had some GI issues prior to the race. I finally decided that the bars might have something to do with it, and figured I would try something new - an old fashioned, plain, uninteresting, peanut butter sandwich. Having just read that there was probably some benefit to eating four to five hours before a race, I also tried a new schedule.
As odd as this sounds, I made a peanut butter sandwich prior to going to bed the night before the marathon, encased it in couple of plates, and stashed it under my pillow (it was the only place I could think of in the room that the dogs would not be able to get to, and I had no desire to get up and find my midnight snack in the bowels of one of my collies). I woke up around 1am, devoured the sandwich, and went right back to bed. I woke up race morning and promptly ate another peanut butter sandwich.
The result of my 2 phase plan: I not only felt like I had more energy than I usually have race morning, but I had no Gi distress. I'm definitely going to continue doing it. About mile 15, I started waxing poetic about a peanut butter and Roctane sandwich for my next race, but I don't know it that will come in to fruition.

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  1. Interesting notion. You're making crave a peanut butter sandwich right 6 miler tomorrow morning justifies my craving. :)